what’s in it

sk8kleen® soaps are hand-crafted in my studio in small batches from a clear soap base. I cut it up, melt it, add color and scent and pour it into the wheel molds. It sets up in about an hour, then I put it in the freezer for about 25 minutes, pop out the wheels, and then make more.


additives – grind has finely ground oatmeal and pool has little flecks of glitter.

color – pool, shred and sweet are colored with cosmetic-grade colorants. grind is colored with black mica and will not make your shower black.

fragrances – pool, grind and shred contain synthetic, cosmetic-grade fragrances. sweet has natural orange essential oil.

orange essential oilCitrus aurantium duclcis – This is the coolest oil – very concentrated so I don’t have to use much, and the bad part – the part that can make you sensitive to the sun – has been removed.

soap base ingredients – we’re shopping for a natural soap base

NOTE – these statements and products are not intended in any way to replace the advice and care of a physician. If you skate, you get scraped up, it’s just part of it. Don’t be stupid – wear protective gear and go to the Dr. if you get hurt. If a soap itches, feels funny, stings, or makes your skin red, stop using it! Do not eat the soap. Do not feed it to anyone.